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Some the equipment and set-up! Our team is the best!

Here is a typical set-up. You get the idea of the work that goes into each and every set-up.

Some of the equipment we use:

While you can spend a ton of money. The best equipment is one's own instinct. We all started out the same way. We had no to very little equipment. Slowly we purchased items when we had a little extra money. Always buy smart we look for duel purpose items. This so you can use them for more than the paranormal.

CPU DVR System.

We took an older computer and set it up for DVR recording. This system can hold up to a weeks worth of recording time, with a quad camera set up.

Larger camera.

These larger cameras can see up to 60 feet in complete darkness.. Great for larger rooms or outside areas.

Smaller "  Bullet"  Cameras

These little bullet cams can see up to 13 feet in complete darkness. Great for smaller areas such as closets and smaller rooms.


These are tools are great to insure a steady shot. Great for DVR cams and Hand held cameras.

EMF Detector K-2

This is a great tool in determining spike in electromagnetic fields, this is a spike of electric current that flows in the air due to power lines / old wiring in homes and buildings.
Some people believe that spikes detected on this and other devices can be the presence of paranormal activity (spirits, Ghosts etc.).

Voice recorder

Voice recorders, analog or digital great tool to have for EVP(Electronic Voice Phenomenon)work. Make sure it is PC compatible for easier downloads.

Dowsing Rods

These old tools are not just for water locations. If used properly these tools can open doors for communication. But you have to use them correct, follow directions so you don't get false responses.

Flash Lights

Flash Lights are great safety tools, we never investigate without them!! We use red filters or red LED lights. This helps cut down on lens glare / flare on the cameras and is less evasive on your eyes in the dark. White light can cause night blindness when investigating.

2-way radios

Communication is extremely important for safety reasons never investigate without them...

Notebook and pencil or pen

This is one of the most important, and inexpensive tools an investigator can have... We always carry a notebook / paper and pencil with us..You never know when notes might be important.

 Holy Bible

Prayer is a very effective tool to help empower the group or person seeking help. Great for protection, and blessings.

Holy Water

Blessing tools, Holy Water and White desert sage to bless and "sweep" a houses or buildings. Native Americans and Wiccians believe Sages is a great tool to get rid of negative energy and negative spirits.

Hand Held Camcorders with Infer Red Illuminator

This is a hand held camcorder equipped with night shot and an Infer Red Illuminator.
Great for Static cam or Hand Held shots.

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